Welcome to the new Margaret River Iron & Wood Furniture Co. Website

Margaret River Iron & Wood Furniture Co.

Hi, I’m Bill Taylor and I’m pretty excited about our new website put together by Peter Griffyn in Margaret River.

When I first started Iron and Wood back in 1995 I was probably a bit sceptical as to whether I could make a living out of furniture making. I had a mainly metal-working background but had done woodwork and building since arriving in Margaret River in 1984. I guess the timber work I had done in that time, working with people like Peter Godden, a well known woodworker in the area, really captivated me. And it seemed the more you do it the more hooked you get. Each piece of wood you work with seems to have a character all of its own. And I can remember particular types of wood I used from years ago. I also remember the not so good ones!

My first real experience with wood was from building a house completely from recycled materials. Living in Perth in the 70s and 80s I saw so many old houses being demolished and a lot of the materials going very cheaply. In fact my whole house was virtually carted down to Margaret River on the back of a truck with my good mate Leo Heaney,as he was doing the same thing. We ended up with homes that you rarely see these days; with things like windows from the 1920s,and leadlights from Victorian times.

Anyway, here we are in 2012 still loving this place called Margaret River with Iron and Wood taking on more interesting projects and hoping this website will allow me to meet more interesting people and maybe create something special for them.

Bill Taylor