The following range of product is made from recycled Margaret River wine barrels.

The most common timber used in these barrels is French Oak, which, during the winemaking process, comes into contact with the wine, producing a marked effect on the flavour and colour. The barrels are usually used for 4 to 5 vintages and the oak is a select grade and very well-seasoned. The Cooperage refers to the maker of the barrels, which are usually in Europe, with the majority being in the French winemaking regions.

We find, as furniture makers, that oak is a superb timber in terms of its weight to tensile strength. It is a privilege for us to follow the history of the oak and its journey from the plantations of Europe into the Cooper’s workshop before it gives up its subtle flavours to Margaret River’s best wines and is then made into quality pieces that will grace your home for years.

Wine Barrel Craft

Barrel Cafe Table


Wine Barrel Craft

Barrel End Dipping Tray


Wine Barrel Craft

Barrel End Serving Tray


Wine Barrel Craft

Barrel Side Table


Wine Barrel Craft

Cabernet Platter


Wine Barrel Craft

Lazy Susan Tray with handles


Wine Barrel Craft

Merlot Platter


Wine Barrel Craft

Paddle Serving Boards


Wine Barrel Craft

Pinot Platter